The ten-year-old daughter of Leck and Ashen (sister of King Ror of Lienid), she is the only character besides her mother and Po who is able to resist the power of Leck's grace; her resistance stems from when she witnessed Leck striking her mother. Both mother and daughter flee the castle to hide in the forest, but Ashen is killed and Bitterblue is found by Po and Katsa. Bitterblue and Katsa become close during the perilous journey through the Monsean mountains and befriends Captain Faun's crew on the sea journey to Lienid. After her father's death she assumes the throne of Monsea.

The book "bitterblue" Bitterblue as the eighteen-year old queen of Monsea. Where she struggles to lead her crumbling kingdom with help from her seriuosly corrupted advisors. Sneaking out at night to story houses to try and relax. in one of these houses she meets Saphire (Saf) and Teddy who become her two best friends. Saf becoming her love interest.

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